Essential Etiquettes You Mustn’t Miss When a Rented Limo Picks You Up

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    Well, if this is about that long and gorgeous car named a limousine or a limo, then you have to be a bit serious about showing what you have got in the part of your etiquettes too.

    The factor is that good mannerisms and etiquettes aren’t just for the parties or board meetings. They are to be presented inside a rented vehicle like a limo or a cab. This is to be maintained when you rent a limo or book cab services online in Sydney because these services are also a part of the corporate world. Besides, mannerisms are never rejected anywhere. They are universally accepted and are very impressive.

    However, you may not know the kind of etiquettes that are particularly used in a limo. Read on to find out a few important ones among them.

    • Don’t Open, Close Or Slam The Doors

    Even touching the doors is considered a bad manner in case one has rented a limousine service. Opening or closing the door is considered an aggressive behaviour for services like these. Plus, if you have mistakenly touched the door and aimed to close it in the usual responsive manner, then do not slam it. Keep in mind that the opening and the closing of the door at the time you get in and get out is entirely the duty of the chauffeur.


    • The Mermaid Posture For Getting In And Out

    You don’t have to crawl like a mermaid though! That would be seriously ridiculous. The mermaid posture means the definitive way to get into a limo. You should turn your back at the door of the vehicle when the doors are opened. Sit in the nearest seat you found and pull your legs inside keeping them close to each other like a mermaid. At the time you get out, put your legs out in the same mermaid way and then get out of the car.

    • You Have To Be A Bit Serious About Taking Food And Alcohol Inside

    The best thing is not to take food or Alcohol. But, if you do want to drink it, then take minimal quantity of it. But, before doing that, do not forget to inquire about what kind of drinks and food you are allowed to take with you. Having the permission to eat and drink, try to be moderate in your way of consumption and in quantity. Drink at a minimum quantity and eat making the least noise. Added to that, do not leave anything associated with your food and drink such as bottles or wrappers.


    • Do Not Affect The Upholstery

    The upholstery in a limousine is meant for professional use, and you are not the only one who is going to use them. For that purpose, you must be sure about using them in a very generalised way. Do not touch the upholstery fibre unnecessarily.  Do not put your feet up the seats. If you want to use something in particular, always ask your professional chauffeur to do that. In this way, you’d get to have the most of the best limousine in Sydney as well. After all, all you need is everything the services can give you, right?


    To Conclude: Be Punctual  

    You must be very punctual in using the services of the limousine you are renting. The first thing would be proving to the service that you are punctual. In this case, always be sure of the pick-up and the drop-off location after you book the car online. Added to that, don’t waste time by being present at the pick-up spot before the mentioned time.

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